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The Loveliest Sunflower Pg 10.2 (painted) :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 1 Skink Marlin Creature :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 World of Creaturiea :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 Venreta Ella :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 In Progress Globe: Galaxy painted Meridian / Stand :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 1 2 In Progress Globe: Galaxy painted Meridian :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 1 0 In Progress Creaturiea Globe: Motherland :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 In Progress Creaturiea Globe: Heartland :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 In Progress Creaturiea Globe: Custard Islands :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 1 0 Creaturiean World Map: first draft :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 2 0 Dino on my Neak :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 Hell's Hunger :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 3 0 Super Natural Dean and Sam Cats :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 University of Central Florida Pinkie Pie :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 2 4 Venreta Ella (in progress) :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 0 0 Future mermaid sketches :icongoodluckrubberduck:goodluckrubberduck 1 0


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Whinnies and Giggles is a collaborative blog a friend and I write once a month. It fallows the story of two very unique creatures with two very unique and mysteries pasts. In this blog they slowly revel element of their past as they in bark on humors and fun new adventures.Some of their stories incorporate, magic, mystery, history and the another world by the name of Creatureia filled with other imaginative creatures like Lady Whinniefred and Mr. Giggles.
Fallow on Twitter @ WhinniesGiggles
Moth Witch by goodluckrubberduckSaved From the General's Plate *CHECK THE BLOG* :) by goodluckrubberduckGiggles *CHECK OUT THEIR BLOG* by goodluckrubberduck

Salutations Dear Reader,
You may address me as Lady Winnifred and nothing else.
I grew up in a small town on the south side of Pangaea during the Triassic Period and have had plenty of adventures in the centuries scenes. I have recently awoken in the 21st century.The last time I was awake, I was in the 19th century where gentlemen tipped their hats and ladies wore petticoats. But I'm quite used to adapting, I have to every 200 or so years after waking up from my 200 year long “Beauty Sleep.” The last time I woke up in a new time was in the 17th century. Now once again, I have to reacquaint myself with a new time era.
Lady Whinnifred
Lady and Adonis by goodluckrubberduck

Mr Giggles:
G’day Reader,
The names Giggles, 
Mr. Giggles to Lady Whinniefred.
I can’t tell you much about me, as I don’t remember much myself, if I do remember something it rarer and I get vague feeling of deja vu. I refer to the missing time as the Forgotten Period. Some thing I remember such as specific skills like braking in and out of stuff with out a key. The last thing I do remember fully is stepping through a portal on my way home. But that was back when in the 80′s when I was 18, over 30 years ago. But I can't remember how I know these things. Somehow I ended up back in this world, but I can’t for the life of me remember how I got here. I’ve been traveling the world ever since trying to put the pieces back together and figure out who I am and where I came from.
 Giggles being kiddie napped by goodluckrubberduck


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
drawing,sketching, illustration, mixed media, variety of crafts, poetry, writing & photography. What can I say, I love all forms and styles of expression. :)


World of Creaturiea
Check out Giggle's and Lady Whinniefred's journey in Creaturiea in their blog Whinnies and Giggles:…
In Progress Creaturiea Globe: Heartland
This side has Heartland, Chesslandiea, Sugeropilis,Rainbowliea, Dreamiea and others.
In Progress Creaturiea Globe: Custard Islands
Creaturiea world Globe paint in progress. This side shows the countries of: Custardrica, Custardrica's Cousin, Aquia 
Dino on my Neak
The title and the image wont make any scenes till you read this months blog post. :)
OR @:…
Fallow on Twitter @ WhinniesGiggles

One was blue always blue the other always red.

Together always, as two became one.

With purple, the hue of their bed.

She once felt the wind in her lung.

He the oxygen in his veins.

Red and blue once two

Till they embraced so tight they caved into each other

Then purple became their hue.

Purple the shade of their tightly clinging finger tips.

Color of the now one, pinched to the shade of plum,

bitten out of by heart so hungry,

but never filled.

Veins of plum hued blood

lapped up by thoughts so thirsty,

but never quenched.

Soon the soul was feasted on

by hungry heart and thirsty thoughts,

with wagging tongues of red and fixed eyes of blue

Both features lost, in the mixed purple brew

flooding from mouths and eyes.

A brew that bubbled with fumes rising up

to the red setting sun in a duel blue sky

mixed with bits of lost soul

Now grasping at air and fading light.

Till purple consumes their night.






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ZombieCakeForThePoet Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for including Memories to your Favourites! Hug 
Her! Have a llama llama! important part of life 
goodluckrubberduck Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure friend hug 
XsaHero Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Traditional Artist
how r u homie, havent herd from u in a while
goodluckrubberduck Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fine, kept busy. Been working on my writing more which I don't post to deviant. But I will have a tone of drawings and stuff coming out soon.Always do during the holidays. As its the only gifts I can afford to give. 
XsaHero Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016   Traditional Artist
wat do u write about.
drawing gifts are great
goodluckrubberduck Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery. What ever I feel like. Been writing stories.
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aglezerman Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Thank you, Anna! :)
goodluckrubberduck Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure  :)
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Thx so much for the fav. sorry for the late reply :hug:
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